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99 Percent Books has just launched a new…
Book Trailer Production Service! 

Here’s what the authors have to say about it:

“I was thrilled to watch my Classic Book Trailer marketing video by 99 Percent Books! It encompasses in a few minutes and a few succinct words exactly what the book is about. I believe it is going to be a fabulous marketing tool for this memoir of my nursing life and the history of a great institution, A.G. Holley State Tuberculosis Hospital!”
Peggy Butler, author of And Then There Was One

“99 Percent Books captured the essence of “A Place Inside my Head” in less than 30 seconds.  Amazing! (My husband) saw it today and loved it.  My boss watched and said it made him want to read the book although he does not read fiction.”
Leah Benner, author of “A Place Inside My Head”

For more information about our production service, check out our Book Trailer Production page

Code of Honor is now in stock in over 20 bookstores around the country.
Yours might be one of them!

Thrillers fans and political junkies alike will love this tightly written work of progressive fiction. Code of Honor explores the premise that someone knew Saddam Hussein didn’t have WMDs. What if they had brought the truth to light?

“If you want the facts, read history. If you want the truth, read fiction.” – Anonymous

This intricately woven fictional history of events leading to the 2003 invasion of Iraq gives you both. The charismatic protagonist, Staff Sergeant Hank Siemens, finds himself dead center in a complex minefield where money, politics, intrigue, and family history force him to decide what he stands for as a man, as a soldier, and as a citizen. It is a decision that will lead the country into war – or not.

V.C. Weeks pulls the shadowy entanglement between the Pentagon and private contractors into the blazing light of the desert sun with a cast of richly developed characters, a great love affair, and action that spans four continents. This is progressive fiction at its best!

Check out the trailer and order your copy today.

The eBook is also available on Amazon. Print copies can be ordered through bookstores everywhere.

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